Updating partition key column would cause a partition change

Understanding the storage architecture in a virtualized environment and getting your storage architecture right will have a major impact on your database performance and the success of your SQL Server virtualization project.Bear in mind as you work through your storage architecture and this chapter that virtualization is bound by the laws of physics—it won’t fix bad code or bad database queries.A database is designed to efficiently and quickly organize, retrieve, and process large quantities of data to and from storage.So increasing the parallelism of access to storage resources at low latency will be an important goal.This chapter from Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware: Doing IT Right first covers the key aspects of storage architecture relevant to both physical and virtual environments as well as the differences you need to understand when architecting storage, specifically for virtualized SQL Server Databases.

Our experience has shown us, and data from VMware Support validates this belief, that more than 80% of performance problems in database environments, and especially virtualized environments, are directly related to storage.When architecting storage for SQL Server, it’s important to understand a few important principles.These will help guide your design decisions and help you achieve acceptable performance both now and in the future.This is why we like to use the term “IT Food Groups,” because it is so important to feed your database the right balance of these critical resources.This interplay between resources such as CPU, Memory, and Network and their impact on storage architecture and performance will be covered in subsequent sections of this chapter.

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