Updating light fixtures with spray paint who is singer maxwell dating 2016

There was no reason for the new kitchen to turn out any way other than . But it’s just nothing like what I set out to create. Where it all went wrong I designed the kitchen in the dinosaur ages pre-pinterest, but I had spent many, many blissful hours thumbing the pages of home design magazines and knew exactly what I wanted: white cabinets. At one place, there was a “designer” wandering the showroom to help customers choose their finishes.But something went terribly wrong and the girl learned lots of lessons and to this day, has a kitchen for which she is incredibly grateful, but which looks nothing like what she originally intended to create and kinda bums her out from time to time, when she forgets to be thankful for the newness and freshness of it. Our kitchen We have cream colored solid maple Thomasville cabinets we bought from Home Depot, oil-rubbed bronze faucet and cabinet hardware, solid brown/kinda crystally quartz counters and a slate backsplash. I told her that I had dark wood floors and wanted white cabinets.If it was inexpensive, it’d be easier to stomach the change.)So now with the cabinet and counter decisions made, I was left with the hardware and backsplash to try to pull this whole mess together.

Like, maybe one day when Andy is at the grocery store, he’ll come home and I will have painted one cabinet, and there’ll be no turning back.

Once upon a time, a cute boy and a decor-obsessed girl bought a fixer-upper, and gutted the kitchen, giving the girl the chance to create her dream kitchen.

Finally, those years of living in tiny rentals and gazing longingly at home photos and magazines would pay off! : big box stores, tiny cabinet makers in boutique shops, weird warehouses in the ghetto, you name it.

The countertops and backsplash are here to stay though, so that’s why I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I am infinitely thankful for the function and newness in our kitchen!

I still don’t take any of it for granted, even years later.

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