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Next to 5-meter high fortification walls, the archaeologists found slingstones, a variety of seeds, fish bones, and donkey bones and dung preserved well enough to be analyzed: it shows the draught animals at Timna ate hay and pomace, the pulp from pressing grapes, olives and suchlike, imported from the Mediterranean coast, more than 200 km afar. because of heavy demand for copper in Egypt, especially when the supply from Cyprus collapsed. Finkelstein feels the mines may have empowered the Edomites, and that outside control, whether from Jerusalem or Egypt, was not necessary.The fruits, cereals, fish and textiles were probably imported from Philistia and Judah. United-Monarchy skeptics such as Finkelstein do stress that the existence of the vast mining operation does not necessarily mean there was a powerful United Monarchy. Davies of the University of Sheffield speculates that the copper mines were particularly active in the 10th century B. "Any major power in the region would want to control the mines," Davies told Haaretz, adding, "I don't see that any of the small emerging kingdoms of the Levant could have secured control of this operation." Indeed, everyone agrees that the actual 10th-century B. "The mines were operated mainly by locals and the prosperity there brought about the rise of a desert [Edomite] polity," Finkelstein suggests.

Not all agree that the structures she found was a palace, let alone one built by David. The structure Mazar uncovered lies on a hill in Jerusalem's City of David, just south of the Temple Mount, at the entrance to the contemporary Palestinian village of Silwan.These kings created a powerful United Monarchy stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. Yet no archaeological evidence has been found that even remotely supports the grandeur described in the biblical accounts of David and Solomon, who ostensibly reigned between 1050 B. The biblical narrative may have gone overboard on extolling the virtues of the two kings, but a preponderance of evidence indicates that some kind of powerful polity did rule from Jerusalem. The mines in the Aravah valley are in the very territory the Bible says David won from the Edomites, who then became subject to Israel (2 Samuel -14). Jerusalem is conquered According to the bible, after David assumed the throne and conquered Jerusalem from the Jebusites, he consolidated the kingdom, including by conquering Edom. E., his son Rehoboam was unable to hold the kingdom together: it split into Israelite and Judahite entities fighting each other. Did a great United Monarchy take form, chiefly under David, develop further under his son, and then fall apart? "Maximalists" comb the remains for support for the biblical narrative.For one thing, the mines needed external assistance.Separating copper from ore required maintaining charcoal fires at about 1,200°C for eight to 10 hours (using blowpipes and foot bellows).

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