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Base of Operations: Earth-based Operations believed to be coordinated from Scrin Mothership. Investigation hinted at a place known only as the "Ichor Hub". Little is known of the Scrin's actual physical appearance during the Third Tiberium War.Military Strength: Earth-based forces (TWIII) consists of an alien harvesting fleet consisting of substantial military air and land power. From recovered intelligence briefings, the Scrin appear to be glowing illuminated insectoid figures.

The Scrin are suspected to have been the ones who originally seeded Earth with Tiberium using a meteor, intending to harvest the mineral after it had reached a sufficient concentration by extracting it with Threshold Towers.

After Megatron gained control of the facility and his new Sky Commander Starscream activated the Geosynchronous Energon Bridge, Dark Energon began flowing into the Decepticon ranks.

Seeking to gain complete control over Cybertron, Megatron sought access to the Core of the planet itself; however, the way was blocked by the massive Omega Gate.

However, it is hard to determine if these are representations of the actual Scrin master race, or mere cyborg drones created for the purpose of combat.

Recently revealed intelligence has shown that the Scrin have a physical form that is possibly wholly organic.

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