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Addressing the person who stole Pepsi, Ms Parkinson said: 'Your vile, selfish, barbaric actions have left a gap in our family and home that cannot be filled.'On the day Pepsi went missing, the Parkinson family checked their CCTV after the cat failed to return home - and saw a man wearing a tracksuit approach and snatch the animal before quickly walking away.

Ms Parkinson, who declined to give her first name, said the pet was a gift to the family from her father, who bought Pepsi when he was dying from cancer.

Prosecutor Nicholas Taplow told Warwick Crown Court the parents of one of his victims, a 14-year-old girl, “chose to conceal the sexual nature of the incident and told her not to say anything about it”.

He added: “They continued to understate the seriousness of the assault and the matter was swept under the carpet by the church.” In a separate case, the Charity Commission is investigating two Jehovah’s Witnesses’ registered charities – The Watch Tower Bible And Tract Society Of Britain and Manchester New Moston Congregation Of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“There was a significant number of dogs in the group and it appeared that they were being taken out one by one.” “We are still making inquiries after we received a concerning report that a group of men with a number of dogs were seen in Hartlepool repeatedly throwing one of the dogs - a greyhound - into the water on Thursday, November 2.

“An inspector launched an investigation and attended the scene, but the group were no longer there.

“Since then we have been contacted by a member of the public who provided photos of what appears to be a man throwing the dog into the water.

A beloved family cat has been found dead in a bush days after a thief was seen snatching it from the roof of a car.

It really does show how amazing people can be.'Her sister, Holly, said that her family was 'heartbroken' after learning their 'gorgeous, trusting, loving, hilarious and friendly cat' was dead.'I'm going to take this opportunity to absolutely beg anyone who considers lamping with someone's family pet to please, please reconsider,' she said.

Ian Pheasey first attacked a sevenyear-old girl while he was working as a volunteer librarian at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Warwick in the 1990s.

Last week Pheasey, from Warwick, was jailed for five years after pleading guilty to assaulting one girl causing her actual bodily harm and indecently assaulting two others.

'At the point when my dad was in a hospice bed dying, my mam would take Pepsi to see him and it was often the only normality he had.'Pepsi's family fear the man in the video had been out lamping - hunting for rabbits with dogs by torchlight - but had been unsuccessful.

It comes as a member who throttled young girls for sexual gratification was jailed after his crimes were kept secret by the church for more than 25 years.

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Judge Robert Spragg sentenced him to 22 months' imprisonment, suspended for two years, with rehabilitation requirements and sex offender treatment.

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