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In her final weeks with the company, an HR representative told Fowler she was the “common theme” in all her issues with the company.

When Fowler explained she didn’t initiate most of those issues and had the documentation prove it, the HR rep told her the company had no record of any of her complaints.

Fowler opted to find a new team to join, instead of continuing to work beside him, for fear of retribution. And each time Fowler faced another incident — like Uber refusing to purchase previously promised leather jackets for six female employees because the company couldn’t get the same bulk discount for their jackets as it could for the ones being purchased for over 120 men — she saved screenshots and emails.

Fowler’s record-keeping habits are perhaps the most infuriating part of her yearlong struggle with the company.

Amid her very serious allegations of rampant discrimination, Fowler still wedges in her gratitude for the opportunity to learn and work at Uber.

This wasn’t the only time Fowler was gaslit while at Uber.“Every time something ridiculous happened, every time a sexist email was sent, I’d sent a short report to HR just to keep a record going,” Fowler explains in her post.She was an exemplary employee with a “perfect performance score.” Or at least she was until a male manager clandestinely demoted her score as a way of blocking her from transferring teams, because it made him “look good” to have women on his team while the company at large hemorrhaged women.(Lamont’s lawsuit against the company was dropped after her allegations that she was coerced into signing her severance deal immediately upon receiving it turned out to be false, but it did inspire another black female ex-Squarespace employee, Stephanie Duncker, to come forward with the discrimination she faced during her time at the company.) When Julie Ann Horvath announced she was leaving her role at Git Hub after being harassed by one of the company’s founders and his wife, Git Hub responded by suspending the founder.(He would later resign following investigation.) But Github’s suspension is uncharacteristic in the world of Silicon Valley, not to mention it took Horvath quitting her job and publicly disparaging the company for them to do anything.

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