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Teens are especially vulnerable to these canards because their need to believe is greater.Theirs is a time of growing sex drive coupled with societal pressure both to pair off but to not get all hot and steamy with the ones they’ve fallen for.Teens are especially fond of “You can’t get pregnant lore for a number of reasons.First and foremost, sex is a powerful force to reckon with, and often it seems our sex drives (those of adults as well as teens) are in charge of us rather than us being master of them.Breastfeeding cuts down on the female hormone needed to prompt ovulation, thus the chance of conceiving during this time is markedly lower than at others.

Many a sedate matron of today has in her younger days As much as teens would like to believe otherwise, there is no magic formula, no special act of voodoo, they can perform to prevent conception.These tests can be bought over the counter in most stores—including pharmacies, drug stores, grocery stores, and even stores like Wal-Mart or Target.While pregnancy tests can be affordable to some women, you can also get a free pregnancy test at a pregnancy center located near you.Breastfeeding is deemed Nature’s contraceptive, but for it to work, the new Mom has to nurse her child exclusively.It’s the regular suckling of the babe that prompts the mother’s body to hold back the next egg.

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