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Trump alarmed many at the General Assembly by warning that the U. was prepared to “totally destroy” North Korea if it attacked the U. That’s where negotiations and discussions begin.”The official added, “We think China’s going to need to walk with them on that because of the outsized role that China plays in their economy, their long historic relationship, dating all the way back to the Korean War.”North Korean leader Kim Jong-un described Mr. “The last thing China wants is a war on its border that, at a minimum, could remove a key buffer between it and an American ally and at a maximum could result in a thermonuclear war right next door.”Sen. Kim has resisted other international efforts to scale back his development of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho, who was also in New York, belittled Mr. administrations have allowed North Korea to reach this crisis point.“The United States has had representatives working on this problem for over 25 years,” he said. That’s why we’re in the problem we’re in today, in addition to other countries, frankly, not doing what they should have done.”Even John Podesta, who served as White House counselor to President Obama and chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said Thursday that Mr. Trump said the actions are aimed at “a complete denuclearization of North Korea.”“North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile development is a grave threat to peace and security in our world,” Mr. “It is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal rogue regime.”The executive order authorizes the Treasury Department to target “any individual or entity that conducts significant trade in goods, services or technology with North Korea.” The administration also will target industries such as textile, fishing and manufacturing for tougher sanctions.“Foreign financial institutions are now on notice that going forward they can choose to do business with the United States or North Korea, but not both,” Mr. “We call on all countries around the world to join us in cutting off all trade and financial ties with North Korea in order to achieve a denuclearized Korean Peninsula.”The Treasury secretary said he believes the sanctions will be more effective than previous efforts because Treasury now has the authority to “freeze or block any transactions, with any financial institution, anywhere in the world.”“This is something that has been in the works for a while,” Mr. “It was about two weeks ago that I had been discussing this with the president, and this was all part of the president’s strategy at the U. Trump early Friday in Asia as “mentally deranged,” according to Reuters. Ben Sasse, Nebraska Republican and a member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, said the administration’s sanctions “are aimed squarely at North Korea’s despot but also remind China that it has a strong interest in preventing a nuclear arms race in Asia.”Lawrence Ward, a partner at the Dorsey & Whitney law firm who focuses on international trade and national security law, said the U. sanctions coupled with the announcement by China’s central bank “will serve to further isolate North Korea.”“Time will tell if today’s announcements by President Trump and China’s central bank will work to force Mr. North Korea conducted its sixth and largest nuclear test on Sept. It has launched more than a dozen missile tests this year, including two rockets that have flown over Japan, and has threatened to attack the U. Trump’s aggressive rhetoric.“If he was thinking he could scare us with the sound of a dog barking, that’s really a dog dream,” he told reporters Wednesday. It was claimed that a white flag was not waved until a later stage.

The crew appeared to be under the impression that "Z/500" bore United States markings. These, they stated, wrecked all the depth-gauges and compasses and put the steering gear out of order, so that "U 331" inclined to circle. The depth-charges were set at shallow depth and spaced about 38 feet apart. The stick straddled the U-Boat and explosions were seen on either side of the conning-tower.

to track, from a height of 50 feet, "L" released four Mark XI Torpex depth-charges set to shallow and spaced 36 feet apart. At this point the U-Boat was fully surfaced and several of the crew were seen on the bridge. After the spray had settled some of the crew, presumably those who had been on the bridge, were seen in the water. It was now observed that the U-Boat was making attempts to man the guns, but this was prevented by machine-gun fire from the aircraft.

After this attack the U-Boat was stopped and some of the crew began to jump overboard. The German version of the machine-gun attack was, as might be expected, that their men were deliberately machine-gunned in the water and that only after this did they return the fire with their own guns.

Survivors gained the impression that several destroyers were attacking. Survivors said the could not say how deep their boat had dived in this attack, as all the depth-gauges but one had been disconnected. The German Search Receiver was not in position, a fact which prisoners found it difficult to excuse, other than by saying that in daytime they normally relied more on visual than other methods for spotting aircraft. T.) At this time the sea was calm; there was high cloud, visibility being about 30 miles.

Half an hour later the sound of asdics was once more evident, and thirty more D/C explosions were counted. It was usually, they said, the officer of the watch's duty to mount it in position. Tiesenhausen said that the responsibility for not having spotted the aircraft lay with Bootsmaat Meier, the starboard quarter look-out, but other survivors blamed Bootsmaat Siebels, who had the port quarter, whence the attack came. It was too late, when the aircraft was spotted, for Tiesenhausen himself to sound the alarm, but it was ordered by someone else, and "U 331" started to dive.

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