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To emphasize that last point, consider how easy it is to be an Internet-dating fraud; so the more hurdles to entry there are, the safer a site is likely to be. A site that keeps everyone out is completely free of fraud but also of available dates!The most effective way to find balance is to combine fees and other barriers to entry.You should expect your online payment processing company to enable you to accept every major credit and debit card, including American Express and Discover, so that you don't miss any potential sales because you don't accept the type of card your customer wants to use.

Token systems are nice if you’re a dabbler in the online dating scene or if you travel a lot and wouldn’t benefit from a time-limited engagement.

Assuming that you’re convinced that you get what you pay for, how much should you pay?

Most sites are pretty close in their fees for the initial month, usually to . Just a few years ago, many sites charged about 50 percent less.

But the fact that people are still willing to pay means they feel the value is sufficient to justify the cost. Basically, you get unlimited use of the features for a fixed fee per month.

In general, this system is better because you don’t feel inhibited about making contact unlike a token system where you weigh each contact you make very carefully.

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