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What we like about Dimension 4 is it comes with a huge list of time servers, able to load the program at Windows startup through services, run a time sync once and then automatically exiting the program.Apart from that, if the time server fails, it can automatically retry the next time server until it gets a working time sync.There is also a full NTP client and server implementation for Router OS available in a separate package (ntp package is available for download from with higher system requirements and more features, but the small SNTP client included in the system package is sufficient in most cases.Note that the software included in the ntp uses the same configuration menu, so you cannot use both NTP and SNTP at the same time.

Date and time settings become permanent and effect BIOS settings.If you don’t want to take things apart, here are a few ways to automatically synchronize your PC clock on Windows startup so you don’t have to remember going to the Internet Time Settings option and manually click on the Update Now button each time you power up your computer. Dimension 4Dimension 4 is probably the most popular time correction software for computers running Windows operating system.It is free for personal use but commercial users will require to purchase a license at each.If you want to use Dimension 4 to automatically sync your computer’s time on Windows startup, there are a few settings that you need to take note of.First of all, click the Settings button on the program.

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The NTP protocol works best with at least 4 servers.

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