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Cline, Tay Writer: Margaret Buell Wilder, Margaret Buell Wilder, David O.

Harper, Davis De Rock, Dustin Hall Cast: Jules David Bartkowski, Funsho Ayetoro Ogundipe, Emmanuel Owusu, Lady Nancy Jay Wah, Edi Wayo Osei Nsenkyira Director: Jules David Bartkowski Writer: Adam Abada, Jules David Bartkowski, Wanlov Kubolor, Funsho Ogundipe Cast: Claudette Colbert, Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Shirley Temple, Monty Woolley Director: John Cromwell, Edward F.

"The partner thing is such a mystery to me," she says. [She and her former boyfriend, writer Dallas Clayton, split up when their son, the bizarrely-named Audio Science was ten months old.] "But I worry whether I'm so definitely not looking for someone that I'm turning away prospects.

I am a bit of a hermit."I'd like to find someone with a sense of humour. "This is a job that requires you to be so sensitive, yet you have to be able to turn that sensitivity off and be as hard as nails."Even without make-up and dressed simply in a T-shirt and black trousers, Shannyn is stunning.

Shannyn Sossamon has cornered the market for dark, intense roles – her latest movie is a spooky thriller.

But in person she's warm and open, and happy to discuss her tough upbringing, how motherhood has changed her and why love is a mystery Calling Cate Blanchett! You won't have to do much since Shannyn, the exotic, dark-haired actress who played the late Heath Ledger's aristocratic sweetheart in A Knight's Tale, has already accomplished the most difficult part – earning a living in Hollywood. "I would love to sit down and have a talk with her," she says. "What an inspiring woman she is."Shannyn is feeling a little insecure today.

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I don't have a verbal cork."Shannyn may be 29 and the single mother of a four-year-old boy, but she is still trying to figure out life.

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