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This smells like too tart and too sweet lemon lime soda pop. The floral notes lure me in and I have hope and then I spritz it and remember why I don't wear it.I'd suggest it be reformulated and minimize the patchouli or use a different warmer fragrance for the base.New fragrance by the house of Gucci, named Flora by Gucci, aims at young customers and it was inspired by a floral motive.Flora is, after Gucci by Gucci, the second fragrance under creative leadership of the house of Giannini from Florence.Flora reminds me of a bright, sunny early spring day with a nip in the air.This is an all around nice, very inoffensive fragrence.It really is just a dry and dusty smell of flowers that LINGERS. Got it as a gift from my mother without ever having even tried it before, and it was love at first sniff. Rose is my favorite, osmanthus is in my signature, sandalwood keeps intriguing me. The difference should be the introduction of pear and leather notes - really looking forward to testing it because I am addicted to Flora. " And we opened up, tried the whole things in the set..... The notes listed here as base notes include patchouli and sandalwood. Faint patchouli, like it was in the distant background. To me this is a green patchouli-osmanthus with a fragrant peony. I first bought this and loved the scent and then returned it because it just felt too light for my past taste.Though I must say I'm impressed with the longevity this eau de toilette has. I don't find it boring at all, I think it's quite elegant yet very wearable. The promise was there - Flora could have been stunning. I got green notes but it could be the green leaves of patchouli combined with the green leaves of the osmanthus which is found in the heart/middle notes. It can initially disappoint you as it does sort of smell like a generic you've smelt it before at Macy's or Nordstrom's fragrance. a year past and I still couldn't get this scent out of my head.

There's a definite sour quality, but it's not too sharp - the florals come in and soften it down.I dont know what it is that i am smelling, but it smells like pee on me. I actually thought i got a bad sample and went to sephora for a fresh one. Can anyone help me identify it.....future reference. T_T I absolutely love the osmanthus flower, their scent is sweet and up lifting, very bright and a little fruity.Real osmanthus is such a joy to smell and during their blooming season you can smell a tree full of osmanthus flowers from miles away!In order to create a bottle for Flora, designers of the house of Giannini built on architectural structure of Gucci by Gucci bottle by giving geometric shape of hexagon to the new edition, while champagne nuance was chosen as colour of fluid. I disliked it so much that I feel I can't try any new perfume at least for a week ❤ باتوجه به اینکه گوچی فلورا عطر معروف و محبوبی هست یا با شیمی بدن من سازگار نیست و یا سمپل که ازش تست کردم خراب بوده..رایحه غالب این عطر به مشامم ترکیبی از گل صدتومانی، پرتقال شیرین و یه نت وحشتناک مثل آهن زنگ زده هست که هرچی بیشتر زمان میگذره شدیدتر میشه..اگه این بوی آهن زنگ زده نبود می تونست یه عطر معتدل و گلی،مرکباتیه سیف باشه اما متاسفانه هست و باعث شد حتی من که اصلاً عادت ندارم به پاک کردن عطر،مجبور شم اپل با صابون و بعد با پنبه الکلی بیفتم به جون پوستم..حس میکنم این بوی زنگ آهن زیر سر فلفل صورتی هست بهرصورت تجربه خیلی بدی بود.این بو حتی باعث میشه دندونم تیر بکشه دقیقاً مثل اینکه یه تیکه آهن گاز زده باشم درباره موندگاری و پخش نمیتونم چیزی بگم چون بعد یه ساعت نتونستم طاقت بیارم و پاکش کردم ❤ A lovely girl at work gifted this half bottle to me today, I really love it, it was not exciting at first spray but the dry down mellows out beautifully on me. If I'm going to have an everyday "perfumy" fragance, it's going to be this one because it still encapsulates that slight warmth even with all its freshness. The freedom to be romantic head to toe without any shame.Advertising face is Abbey Lee, Australian model, who is wearing a silk dress with floral print. A pretty shell with the most unmemorable scent stored in it. And quite frankly it might not be as mysterious or complex as some others out there, but people are still perplexed by what smells so good when I'm wearing it : D Soft, comforting, feminine and pleasant. The bottle is beautiful, simple elegance, warm without being tacky. The floral notes are there, but the citruses dominate the scent from beginning to end, leaving the floral (and sandalwood) notes in the background.

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