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When I was in middle school, my family moved from New York to LA.In New York, I’d been feisty and outspoken, confident in my smarts and my Irish looks.

Many beautiful women are ignored by guys because the odds of rejection are too high.

You allow yourself to be booty called and stood up.

It’s clear that like everyone else, she’s had her share of disappointments and douchebags, though I have a hard time imagining that she doesn’t get and keep whoever the hell she wants.

You also telegraph likely rejection if you hold back. You want a guy who is well-educated, financially successful, handsome, funny, witty, generous, blah blah blah.

If you find a guy attractive, meet him halfway by signaling your interest with eye contact and a smile.

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When I got to LA I realized right away that things were not going to go so well for me there.

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