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Across the fields and huts of this country, a mass rebellion of abductee-brides has broken out over the past decade.

Every woman remembers her wedding day with a tear in her eye – but, here in Ethiopia, the tears are different, and darker, and do not stop.

So she tells her story slowly, haltingly, her sentences punctuated by sudden high-pitched laughs that seem to erupt involuntarily from her gut.

Nurame was in her bed when she was woken by an angry mêlée.

She had her back stooped, her legs broken, her jaw broken, even though she did everything right. In that situation, many women accept their situation as God-given, not man-made." When Boge was 12, she was pinned down and had her genitals cut out with a knife. Culture is not stagnant – it is transient." One day, as a little girl, she was sent to stay overnight with one of her cousins when she saw the Amharic alphabet on the wall.

This is called "circumcision" – but it is actually mutilation, and it nearly caused her to bleed to death. I knew I was not a cow, a chattel, and I did not want to be treated like one. She knew that, when she went home, she would not be allowed to see it again – her father beat her mother for even suggesting she go to school – so she sat up all night and memorised all 268 characters.

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