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There was no myth of evolution until Darwin's ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES in 1859.

It was the Freemasonry occult group primary responsible for putting the deception of evolution into our public schools in America.

Yet, dinosaurs lived 220 million to 65 million years ago as legitimate science evidences. Please understand that I DON'T believe in Evolution (i.e., the universe just happened), nor even Theistic Evolution (i.e., God created the universe and then He let it evolve).

Dinosaurs and man never lived together, nor did dinosaurs board the ark (as some misled Bible teachers ridiculously claim without credible or even plausible evidence). God created a man, a man; and an animal, an animal; and a fish, a fish, and a bird, a bird; et cetera. I believe that a personal God spoke the universe into existence (2nd Peter 3:5) by the Word of His mouth a very long time ago. Younce exposes and refutes two Satanic errors: the first being that of Evolution, the second being that of False Science; or, the claim that the earth is only 6,000 or 7,000 years old.

There is no debate really if you take the Bible at face value. Biblically, the earth is very old, but the human race is only 6,018 years old.

Whereas there are NO Scriptures to support a Young Earth view, there are hundreds to support an Old Earth. The Bible dates the creation of man at approximately 4,004 BC.

Thank God for faithful Christians who expose the evils of Evolution and the fascist-style indoctrination of the public school system. Hovind's Young Earth view, but I sincerely feel that his videos are exceptional to watch because Dr. Younce (which provides many evidences of an Old Earth) titled, The Truth About Evolution; Or, Don't Let Satan Make A Monkey Out Of You! The Holy Bible teaches that God remodeled the earth during the 6-days of creation in Genesis chapter one, which Dr.

Hovind does an excellent job exposing the bogus lies of Evolution. Younce superbly explains by using irrefutable Hebrew exegesis from the Scripture in his 248-page book.

Unlike most believers, he knows what's going on in the real world (making him a threat to the establishment).Psalms 19:1-3, “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.Like John Bunyan (imprisoned for 12-years for preaching the Gospel), Kent Hovind has also been wrongly prosecuted for taking a stand against tyranny.The State of Florida sentenced him to prison for 10-years for refusing to take a 501c3 license. Hovind's words here in For instance, if kids don't accept the fact there is a Creator, how can they accept the fact their rights come from a Creator?

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