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Despite the alarming appearance, the growths and swellings - called neurofibromas and caused by a growth of cells - are not cancerous or contagious.

The condition has long been associated with the 'Elephant Man', the name given to Joseph Carey Merrick, who was severely disfigured.

The top number of the reading is systolic blood pressure - the highest level your blood pressure reaches when the heart beats.

The bottom one is diastolic blood pressure - the lowest level, while the heart relaxes between beats.

Since sprouting on his chest when he was just 10, the benign lumps have spread to his legs, arms, neck and even his face.

However, it is not the pain of the bubble mass that is forcing the single man to live an isolated life - it's the public mockery.

Then, one day I decided to leave the house and live on my own.Take a look at which stamps, tickets or toys could be worth money.Read Full Article October 2017 A horse named Idle Chatter was the unlikely star of a musical production given by Taunton Operatic Society back in 1953.Each evening the horse had to clamber up a specially constructed ramp at the Gaumont Theatre – now the town’s Mecca Bingo Hall in Corporation Street – to play a key role in The Arcadians – an Edwardian musical comedy.Read Full Article September 2017 Contemplating clearing out your old playthings?

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High blood pressure - hypertension - increases the risk of a heart attack.

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