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He got out of the taxi, just as shy and gorgeous as I remembered him, now wearing a dark jacket and jeans.He hugged Pame and then awkwardly kissed me on the cheek.The day she left for New York, we took a bus to Hamburg, where we stayed right within the red light district where all the strip bars, clubs and falafel stands were. I loved seeing his unshaven face first thing in the morning, when he would envelop me in his arms and I would not want to ever get up. He nodded his head but put his hand in front of it. When I got to Toronto, I waited a few days before seeing Dominick. During the date I realized that I do not nor did I ever like him. The sex was horrible as I wanted so badly to push Dominick away.However, we made it clear that this would be over by the time we parted ways. I was on the verge of crying, however he took it for me being turned on.He swallowed hard and said he knew this would happen.A few days later I broke up with him over the phone.Instead I went to meet him in tights and a long sweater. I mean, it thirty degrees plus up until this point. We only known each other for two nights and we didn’t do much talking then. I booked a separate room for us while poor Pamela had to share a dorm with a few other girls, most of whom were not even there so she was technically alone the whole time.

He was a good guy, a good person, but he wasn’t for me.The next day we went to a Brazilian festival, where I felt I had definitely reached my ending point.I told him I needed to go home because I “felt weird”.We took an elevator up to our room, where I felt like the bed was the giant elephant we tried hard to ignore.“I got you something” he said in his soft voice and took out a Portuguese soccer scarf.

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