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In the event contact details cannot be updated, you might also need to contact your RA.

It helps to access any web site or web page easily.a face to face check with a person holding an RA role and appropriate documentary evidence will be needed. a face to face check with a person holding an RA or Sponsor role and appropriate documentary evidence will be needed (i.e. In practice some areas had been able to remotely print a replacement card which would then be sent to the sponsoring organisation. PSNC recommends that Smartcard users who have not already, can add on email and phone contact information via CIS to support the possibility of swift contact in the event of a Smartcard issue.If you have a Local Smartcard Administrator (LSA)/Sponsor in the branch you could ask them for assistance, or else refer to your local IT helpdesk. The process had involved a Sponsor using the ‘Modify a User’, and conducting a face-t0-face identity check in which the Sponsor meets the user and has sight of documentary evidence. It is particularly important to add contact information for those users who have the 5F locum code.Additionally if the user has already added some of the groups in the past it will retain the original order of the previously added groups and append the new ones on at the bottom.You will need 7-Zip installed on your link server to run this script.

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