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The Role of the Husband in Marriage The husband is the head of the wife and the home.

This is the constituted order which God Himself ordained.

Unhappy is the home where authority and control are assumed by the wife because this is against Gods injunction. Billy Sunday once said, If you want your wife to be an angel, dont treat her like the devil.

It is also intended to be a harmonious partnership: And they twain shall be one flesh (Matthew 19:6a, Mark 10:8a).No one foolishly commits himself to play a game without knowledge of the rules that determine its success or failure.Yet millions of young men and women take these same unbelievable risks when it comes to marriage.In a Christian marriage, the dependence is mutual, the obligation reciprocal, and the dependence on God, absolute.At the heart of marriage is companionship, communion and consummation.

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