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Birds do not have sweat glands, so they must pant to release excess heat from their bodies.

They can drink fresh water, but most of their water comes directly from eating fresh prey.

At around pm on Saturday the nest was visited by Cathy M.

from The Raptor Trust and Mike G., longtime peregrine watcher & project volunteer.

We have been working with our streaming partner to improve the quality of our streams and deliver them to the masses, to help bring awareness to protecting rare wildlife.

We're now testing out streaming the video directly on You Tube, which would allow us to stream here and go "Live" on Facebook and Twitter.

During the short visit Cathy examined the nestling and administered a medication to prevent Trichomoniasis, a pigeon-borne disease.

Woodcock are migrating and using marshy areas now, and also do twilight aerial maneuvers that might make them vulnerable to fast-flying falcons.

-KC 41/AX and her mate have been doing a fine job of raising their lone eyas.

Falcon eggs typically hatch around the same time, so it's clear that the other two will not hatch.

We are excited for the opportunity to band the first young produced by this nest in the past 3 years.

We hope you tune in with us as we band this young falcon live on Facebook at am on Thursday, June 22!

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