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I live in Long Beach, USA and I got caught cheating years ago when I got sucked into some dirty chat rooms and had some casual hookups for a couple weeks.I did not even realize that the sexy chat rooms would lead so easily to having a discreet affair.After a few months of living alone I was able to cultivate that side of myself on my own.I read a lot of books on astrology, I got into playing the piano, and I generally got more attuned to my emotional side.In my case, that meant living separate for a few months as she came to terms with everything.

Before my affair I was under the impression that men had to be strong and silent to succeed in the world and get the girls.I realized that sexy chat rooms are not going to make me a better person.I realized that I was running away from the big problems in my life, and that my wife was the only person who was able to help me fight through and improve myself.Keeping things bottled up only makes matters worse and doesn’t allow either person to right the wrongs.Some people find that the best way to solve their problems is to open up and share their concerns with therapists, choosing to let a veritable stranger help make decisions about their relationship.

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Sometimes the problem is caused by stress placed upon one or both partners by work or family matters, and other times it’s just that things have gotten – boring.

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